Aquest 2016 les empreses catalanes de videojocs han tingut un any molt productiu!!! Els hem demanat quins videojocs han editat durant l’any i aquí teniu la informació que ens han fet arribar.

Abylight Studios A Crowd of Monsters

MusicverseElectronic Keyboard: Nintendo 3DS
Maldita Castilla EX: Steam, Xbox One i PS4

Blues & Bullets episodi 2: Xbox, PlayStation 4, Steam + app interactiva còmic digital
Alike Studio – Anticto
Resultat d'imatges de steamroll

Love you to bits: iOs, Android, Pc i Mac

Steamroll: PC, MAC, Linux
Beautifun Games BeeSquare

Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age: PC, Mac i Linux

Battleborn Tap: Android i iOs
Blowing Minds Cubus Games

Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion: Android, iOS
Rhetoric – Public Speaking Game

Diaris d’un Mort: Android, iOs
Collar de Calaveres: Android, iOs
La Feria Tenebrosa – restyling del primer gamebook: Android, iOs
Origen – l’aventura interactiva del Museu Agbar: Android, iOs
Anoia, Terra de Castells: Android, iOs
Heavy Metal Thunder: Android, iOs

Cybernetic Design Dolores Entertainment
Six Sides of the World: PC

Bit Dungeon+: PC i WiiU

Game Troopers GKT

Overkill VR: a Steam per a Oculus Touch i HTC Vive (Steam)
Hamster Universe : PC, Windows Phone
Tikitaka Soccer: Windows Phone
Afterloop: Windows Phone
Pebble: Windows Phone
Age of Cavemen: PC, Windows Phone
Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016: Windows Phone
Pool Tour: Windows Phone
Los Aliens: Windows Phone
LUDO Blitz: PC, Windows Phone

Janken Cards: PC, Mac
HyperBerry Games Infinigon Games
Otem’s Defiance: Steam Zenith: PC i Steam
Jandusoft Kaneda Games

Cute Zoo Animals: Android, iOs
Cute Cats: Android, iOs
Cute Alients – Match 3 Invasion: Android, iOs

Smoots Rio Summer Games: Android, iOs
Kerad Games Lince Works
Trivia League: Android, iOs Aragami: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS
Lunatic Pixels Novarama

Alchemic Jousts: PS4, PC

 Space Legend: iOS
Omnidrone Pantumaca Barcelona

Titan Brawl: Android, iOS

Annie Amber: Samsumg GearVR, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift
Sky Racer (Pantumaca Barcelona): Samsumg GearVR
Planet Factory Polygon Games
screen696x696 sc1024x768

Petits Exploradors: iOs
Atles 3D per a nens: Android, iOs
Història per a nens: Android, iOs
Atles de Civilitzacions: Android, iOs

Bubble Crush Dragon: Android, iOs i Kindle
Pupgam Studios Ravalmatic

Bottle Flip Challenge: Android, iOs i web
Bubble Guriko: Android, iOs i Windows Phone

 The Pinball of Oz: PC, Mac, Linux, Android i iOs
Refuge Solitaire: PC, Mac, Linux, Android i iOs
Super Soccer Noggins: PC, Mac, Linux
Foot Chinko Euro 2016:  PC, Mac, Linux, Android i iOs
Algerian Solitaire: PC, Mac, Linux, Android i iOs
Heroes of Java: PC, Mac, Linux, Android i iOs
Basket Champs: PC, Mac, Linux, Android i iOs
Sami Apps  Social Point

Kids Safe Video Player: Android, iOs
Sleep baby owl: Android, iOs
Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation: Android, iOs
En Patufet: Android, iOs
Un ratolí Pérez molt modern: Android, iOs
El ratolí Philip: Android, iOs
Kids Discover Barcelona Gaudí: Android, iOs

Dragon Land: Android i iOs
World Chef: Android i iOs

Starloop Studios Talking About Media
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Overkill VR: HTC Vive

Six Sides of the World (Cybernetic Desgin): PC
Annie Amber (Pantumaca Barcelona): Samsumg GearVR, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift
Sky Racer (Pantumaca Barcelona) – Samsumg GearVR
World Chef (Social Point): Android i iOs
Dragon Land (Social Point): Android i iOs
Ubisoft  Undercoders

Rainbow Six Siege DLC’s: PC, PS4 i Xbox
Star Trek VR: PC i PS4
Werewolves Within VR: Oculus Rift, PSY i HTC Vive
Sandstorm: Pirate Wars: Android i iOs

Conga Master: PC, Mac, Linux
Trending Pharaoh: iOs, Android
Unfinished Pixel
UPlay Online

Spy Chameleon: PS4 i PS Vita

Youtubers Life: PC, Mac i iOs
Triple Tap AttackAndroid i iOs
Inclusion Bridges: Android, iOs, Windows Phone
Planeta Clarinet: Android, iOs

Marta Izquierdo

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