Paul McCartney apareix en forma d'holograma en el seu nou videoclip

Exclusive: Paul McCartney Stars as a Hologram in His New Music Video

Peter Rubin. WIRED. 12/08/2014

Paul McCartney (or “Sir P,” as we have him saved in our phone) has had quite the surprising 2014. First he wrote and recorded “Hope For the Future,” a song for Activision’s massively successful videogame Destiny—the first time he’d ever written specifically for a game. Then, last month, he worked with Jaunt VR to turn his Candlestick Park concert in August into a virtual-reality experience. Now, he completes the high-tech trifecta by not just releasing “Hope For the Future” this week as a standalone song, along with four remixes, but by pairing them with a video that brings him into the world of Destiny. And he was kind enough to give us the worldwide exclusive.

In the video, above, McCartney appears in the 28th-century game universe as a hologram—serenading various Guardians via projection from a Ghost AI assistant. (In the game your character’s Ghost was voiced, somewhat clunkily, by Peter Dinklage, making this quite an upgrade.) And just as in the game, the song’s grandeur perfectly matches the often jaw-dropping landscapes. If that doesn’t sate your appetite for “Hope For the Future” goodness, we’ve also got the exclusive stream of one of the song’s remixes. You go ahead and enjoy; we’ll be busy trying to figure out what tech-savvy shenanigans Sir Paul’s got up his sleeves for next year.

Llegir la notícia original aquí.

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