Mind Art: discapacitats pinten només amb les seves ones cerebrals

This Art Project Lets Anyone Paint With Brainwaves


Becky Chung. THE CREATORS PROJECT. 24/10/14

This is what a brainwave painting in motion looks like. For a series of abstract, Pollock-esque works, sixteen individuals with disabilities each filled a balloon with a paint color of their choice, donned an EEG headset, and burst the balloon with their thoughts. With Mind Art, Shanghai-based artist Jody Xiong wanted to show that the power of the mind could trump the body’s limitations.
Xiong and his team created a box-like structure of large canvases around balloons laced with detonators. The electronic signals from the brains of participants were measured by NeuroSky EEG biosensors, and then the processing unit triggered an explosion of paint. Once completed, the paintings were auctioned off, and raised 800,000 RMB for charities focused on disability issues.
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