Watch a Symphony of Independent Subway Buskers Perform Together Online


Jordan Kushins. GIZMODO. 24/10/2014

Oh this is wonderful. A symphony of WiFi-enabled, independent subway buskers were united by a composer named Ljova, who streamed their performances from different stations onto individual laptops set up in the middle of New York City’s Bryant Park. The result? “Signal Strength,” a very awesome collaboration.

Each of the musicians set up a smartphone to record themselves for this “live experiment.” At the same time, they were a also viewing Ljova’s movements in real-time and following the sheet music he passed out before the harmonic fun kicked off. Everyone brought their own style to the track using a mix of instruments and vocal tricks for a tune that is just so damn kicky. I mean: Accordion! Cello! Beat box! Bass! Theremin! Trumpet! Viola! Hell yes.

Filmmaker Chris Shimojima let me know over email that there was less than a half-second of lag-time, which was edited out at some points, and they did do multiple takes to get some different angles. All in all: The vid’s great and the SoundCloud’s great and yeah, this is a nice little project right here. Bravo. Encore!

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