A Bookmark That Reminds You to Read via Twitter

Branding Magazine, Marija Kanazir / 30.07.2014

You know that moment when you start reading a book you’ve wanted to read so bad, and then suddenly something distracts you. And by something, we mean the Internet, social networks or anything that has to do with digital technology. So, the next time you take the book in your hands you have no idea what is it about. Kinda sad story, isn’t it?

The use of social networks and mobile devices to read books have become more frequent since the development of technology. That’s why Brazil’s Penguin Companhia das Letras publishing house together with Mood/TBWA Brazil have created a campaign called “Tweet for a read” where they have unveiled a smart bookmark that should help readers keep in touch with book’s storyline. The bookmark does this amazing thing of detecting whether the readers have opened their novel recently and if not, it sends out tweets to which serve as a reminder to pick it back up.

Equipped with a light sensor that detects when the book has been opened and closed, a small WiFi-enabled computer and a timer which keeps on how long the reader has ignored it, you can expect a tweet from the book written in the style you are reading, by using the same tone and similar phrases. Cool stuff, right?

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