Temple Run aconsegueix mil milions de descàrregues

The Verge,  Andrew Webster on June 4, 2014

Angry Birds isn’t the only mobile franchise with 1 billion downloads — developer Imangi Studios announced today that the Temple Run series has just crossed that threshold as well. The milestone includes both the original Temple Run as well as its sequel — which managed to reach 20 million downloads just four days after launch — across all platforms, but doesn’t count the numerous Disney-themed spin-offs. Alongside the milestone, Imangi also revealed a number of details about its audience, which helps to illustrate the changing landscape of mobile games. 60 percent of all players are female, for instance, and the game is most popular in China, which accounts for 36 percent of all downloads. The next largest market is the US at 21 percent. Now we’ll have to wait and see whether all of those players stick around for the rumored film adaptation.

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