Quants artistes saben quant rep la seva discogràfica dels streamings?

How many artists know what their label is being paid by streaming services?

Music Ally. May 19th, 2014 by Stuart Dredge

One of the highlights of this year’s Great Escape conference was some new research into artists’ attitudes towards streaming music services, commissioned by CMU and fronted by musician Dan Le Sac.

On Friday, they published the results for a wider audience. Among the headline findings: 50% of respondents said they knew how much they were being paid by Spotify, but none knew how much from Deezer, Rdio, YouTube or Vevo.

33% knew what their label gets paid from streams of their music, and only a third of those artists think they’re getting a fair cut of those royalties.

What IS a fair cut though? It’s a very topical issue at the moment, with David Byrne having lobbied for a 50/50 split between label and artist earlier this year, even as Beggars Group – an early proponent of exactly that – was revealing plans to lower the artist percentage now that streaming is 40% of its digital revenues.

The CMU survey found that half of artist respondents thought 50/50 was a fair split, while another third suggested between 30% and 50% (as compared to the 15% that many have been getting in the past).

Artists complaining about streaming tend to make easy headlines, but if there’s a theme to this survey, it’s one of pragmatism. 50% think streaming royalties being paid by the digital services are too low, but 25% think they’re ok for now, even if they should increase in the future.

100% of them said they think streaming will become the primary way people will consume music in the next 10 years. We suspect the 80% that want on-demand streaming services to be licensed through a collective system like radio (in the UK) will be disappointed, but we hope this isn’t the last such piece of research into digitally-engaged artists’ opinions.

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